Bridge 2 gaps in your workplace with Digital HR

Bridge 2 gaps in your workplace with Digital HR

September 22nd, 2017
blog post image Bridge 2 gaps in your workplace with Digital HR

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” – Buckminster Fuller

Every revolution begins with a spark. The spark of digital HR was ignited by the evolving technology. With everything digitized for better, transforming the HR department to a digitized product seemed to be a fascinating idea. With the development of Digital HR, employees and the business pioneers have found their work more interesting and easier than ever.

However, there are several flaws that are yet to be covered by the HR leaders in order to make the Digital HR a turning point, to meet the highest expectations of employees.

We see two major gaps that have become an organisational pain:

1) Performance gaps
A performance gap defines the difference between the actual performance versus the expected performance by the organisation. Dominating performance gaps is the key to overcome your potential barriers. The structure of your HR system, the customer service and satisfaction, the level of technology you’ve used for your HR platforms denotes how advanced it is.

2) Opportunity gaps
This indicates that every employee is not given an equal opportunity to improve their performance and skills.

Digital HR should become the bridge through these gaps, by providing effective performance management system and learning management system to the employees. The All-New Digital HR platforms bring solutions to both of the above discussed gaps in an organisation. A new performance management model which provides employees with continuous feedback to improve their skills will allow the employee to develop expected skills and competency and deliver better results. Implementing a new performance management mechanism powered by constant feedback will pull the entire workforce into a standard performance discipline. This means that every employee will be given an equal opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve continuously.

Furthermore, Digital HR platforms come with an interesting learning management experience. Organisations can completely scrap the offline/class room training style and shift to an Online Learning Delivery System. Who creates learning content in your organisation? Get them to park learning content on a LMS platform for employees to consume this content at their convenience. Thus, learning becomes an ongoing exercise which better involves your workforce in the training sessions. Finally, their learning effectiveness also can be measured, ensuring that the employee stays updated on his/her improvements.

Performance and opportunity gaps will always be increased with the digital disruption. Therefore, temporary solutions will lose value in no time. What the organisations today need right now is a permanent, clear solution to bridge these gaps. Digital HR is a million steps ahead from the traditional methods of performance management and learning management, therefore it’s not only a bridge to cross these gaps, but also a bridge to the future.

Our HCM Cloud certainly helps you to become that future-ready organisation.