Core HR & Talent Management with HR Software?

Core HR & Talent Management with HR Software?

August 31st, 2015

blog post image Core HR & Talent Management with HR Software?

What was HR few decades back? Was it considered as the massive filing cabinet with employee data? or the driver of most critical strategic decisions of the organizations?

Where is HR heading now? Our numerous discussions on HR and its evolution over the years, have proven that HR has pervasively grown to become a strategic partner of the business rather than an operational department that maintains heaps of files and papers with employee data. HR has now grown into the phase, where HR organizations, CHROs and even the most operational HR workforce, is utilizing various technology to optimize the HR functions. Objective of this extensive use of HR tech is to bring all HR functions together onto one single platform and thereby process all of them to elevate efficiency of Human Resource Management functions of the organization.

Taking this trend into consideration, leading HRMS vendor; Microimage HR Software has incorporated Core HR with the Talent Management System in their HRIS product to extend the value proposition of the HR software it delivers to clients. The core HR functions handled by the HR software ensures smooth execution of regular HR functions such as the maintenance of employee profiles,payroll processingmanaging employee attendance, Monitoring and managing employee mobility to facilitating employee self-service functionality (ESS).

Taking the next step, the talent management suite adds more value to this HR software by enabling organizations roll-out effective succession planningperformance managementlearning management and recruitment efforts in the organization. Such comprehensive Talent management facilitated by HR software will ensure the organization would apply the right practices to give accurate direction, feedback and development to employees. The same enables organizations to retain best talent within the company while building a stronger and deeper pipeline of successors for leadership and operational roles.

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