Learning Management


Learning Management module captures information  on Training Needs through the Performance Appraisals, Business Plan of the Organization or Employee Requests.  This System will track this information and update the individual employee files on learning & development requirements.  Appraiser will be able to update the employee’s training and development needs. The system provides training entitlement lists, training budgets, maintain training courses and institutions, link with competency libraries and historical training data, training event management, schedule training modules and update the individual electronic schedules/ calendars, track participation, assessment after training.

Feature Highlights

  • Comprehensive resource and program database with history tracking
  • Easy to use Training Need Analysis (TNA) with access to profiles/training plans/progress plan
  • Auto generation of training calendar with accessibility to workforce through portals
  • Online training recommendations / nominations
  • Proposal approvals via workflow with budget controls
  • Participant Notifications
  • Logistics Notifications
  • Training attendance capturing
  • Final training evaluation
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer of learning
  • Effectiveness tracking
  • Comprehensive alerting and tracking layers to monitor the process
  • Business intelligence and reporting features

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