Talent Acquisition


Recruitment and Selection with On-boarding is associated with the organizational structure and the staff cadre. A Departmental Head will generate an Employee Requisition Form in the event of a resignation, termination or retirement of an employee or the creation of a new job position in the organization structure. This request will go through proper channels electronically (through a workflow) and HR division/department will receive it upon approval for necessary action.

Web enabling applications, ability to conduct psychometric testing, FAQ assistance for interview panels and ability to prepare interview schedules while updating individual electronic schedules/calendars, evaluation sheets and final advisory notes to the HR administrator through proper channels to recruit final candidate(s). This module can be linked with the career portal module and can filter applications via criteria based short-listing.

Feature Highlights

  • Requisitions link to HR Plan / Chart / Job Profiles
  • Application databank
  • Online recruitment portal integration
  • Online Comprehensive Recruitment Requisitions
  • Advanced criteria based selection of applicants
  • Comprehensive user friendly interview planning and short listing
  • Workflow based approvals
  • Instant notification for Interview panels/participants/administration
  • Customizable template based interview sheets
  • Online Recruitment progress dash board
  • Recruitment checklist verification
  • Final selection with workflow based approval
  • Auto updating of master profile
  • Recruitment related letter generation
  • Onboarding process with pre and post activity tasks

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