Core HR

Better visibility & control over Core HR

Easy access to Employee Information

Inclusive Profiles

Comprehensive employee information including areas of expertise, qualifications, contact details, skills and work experience on one single screen without having to access multiple systems and files.

Supports HR decisions

Maintain comprehensive employee records which becomes a key source of information to deliver actionable workforce analytics for HR decisions.

Integrates with Core HR & Talent Management

Provides the foundation to seamlessly push employee data to Core HR & Talent Management modules.

Complete Employee Life Cycle Management

Unified and simplified experience to manage various employee movements

Tracks and processes various employee movements including; employee confirmations, transfers, promotions, demotions, terminations, and retirements on one single system.

Use performance insights to upgrade employment types

MiHCM helps you to gain insights from MiHCM performance management module and elevate employees on probation to a new category, based on their performance.

Systematically execute an inclusive resignation and exit clearance process

A complete process to enclose the resignation letter, identify the reason for resignation and specify the date of acceptance. MiHCM facilitates exit interviews, exit tasks execution & final clearance all the way up to deactivating the profile.

Generate Letters & Maintain Documents

Convenient Documentation

Letters can be generated/modified/maintained in the HR system without having to use various systems for documentation.

Comprehensive Document Management

Store all documents pertaining to employees in respective document categories with easy search capability. Integrate with 3rd party document management systems.

Visualise how the lines are drawn in your organisation hierarchy

Visualise your organisation

Gain access to the complete organisation chart including all business entities (company, subsidiaries and departments to other).


Organisation charts of global organisations can be drawn by creating legislative entities to accommodate local policies & legislations.

Deeper Visibility

MiHCM presents an organisation chart to drill down and figure out headcounts, new recruits, manpower gaps, direct/cross functional reporting lines across entities.

Employee Chart

Easily navigate to the employee chart to browse through profiles and JDs of employees working in any entity.

Self-service to better engage employees with HR

Activity Feed

Activity feed to get updated with activities related to Performance, Learning, Leave, Birthdays, etc.

Keep Information Current

MiHCM self-service capabilities gets your people to keep their work, personal, skills, qualifications, achievements to other information current and relevant.

Leave and history records

Manage Leave with the ability to track leave history.

Access the Training Calendar

View the company training calendar to request for training programmes, view nominations & notifications.

Supporting a Competent Workforce

Request training programmes and nominate others based on authority limits. Share/transfer the knowledge you acquired at training programmes via MiHCM self-service.

Stay Informed

Access to company HR news, staff directory, policies and more.

Assess yourself

Conduct Self-Performance Appraisals with MiHCM.

Request Talent for your teams

Self-service capabilities enable authorized supervisors, managers and CxO’s to escalate recruitment requisitions.

Quick Alerts

MiHCM sends alerts on absenteeism, new staff, resigned staff, B' day alerts and more to self-service users.

Personalized Self-service Experience

Get your Self-service portal personalized with a preferred theme to suit your corporate needs.