Talent Acquisition

Source, Recruit & Onboard best talent to match your business needs

Identify your hiring needs

Efficient process of identifying, screening and recruiting talent in the event of a resignation, termination, retirement of an employee or to fill-in a new position.

Request for Talent

Conveniently generate forms to request talent and submit through a workflow for approval and execution.

Source the best talent

Identify a broader pool of candidates by posting vacancies internally via MiHCM notice board and even on company social channels.

Plan Your Interviews

Our talent acquisition module supports to conduct psychometric testing, FAQ assistance for interview panels and provides the ability to prepare interview schedules while updating individual electronic schedules/calendars, evaluation sheets and final advisory notes to the HR administrator through proper channels to recruit final candidate(s).

Screen your candidates

Link the talent acquisition process with career portal module and filter applications via criteria based short-listing.

Systematic Onboarding

Onboard your hired talent through an organised onboarding system including the creation of profiles, enabling MiHCM self-service to other tasks.